Postal 2 Missions
MastaDJMax day Jan 29 2011 12:56:34
The game consists of 5 days during which you have to do 3-4 tasks:

Buy Milk: Get to location marked on map, go to the end of the shop, pick up milk, go to the cashier, pay him or kill him. Oh, and don't forget to say "Just business... nothing personal".
Get Cheque: Go to location marked on map, kill or ignore protesters, enter the building, find Vince Desiderio's office, try to kill the guy inside if you care, pick up the cheque and fend off the wave of protesters, regretting not killing them before.
Get Cash: Go to the bank, stand in the queue, wait for your turn, then give cheque in and try to survive the robbery. You can, of course, take your gun an kill everyone inside if you want (will give you lots of money), but there are lots of cops. Wait... it doesn't scare you, does it?

Get petition signed: That's one of the most annoying tasks in the game. You need to ask people to sign petition you have in your hand. Get to a person and click on him. If he says something like "fuck off", feel free to kill him, if he says, like "Sorry, no", wait few seconds, then try again.
Return the book: Go to library, find librarian's office, kill everyone inside (or not, up to you), drop the book, escape the building in one piece.
Get Gary Coleman's autograph: Go to Mall and either kill everyone inside to get the book, or patiently wait for your turn in the queue, then run from cops. Or kill them.
Confess: This may sound gay, but go to the church, go to confession, talk to the priest, (here comes the fun part) kill all the Muslims.

Vote: Go to that building, press randomly 3 times (it doesn't actually mark what you chose), walk out.
Piss on your dad's grave: Go to cemetery, find the odd looking grave, piss on it, wait.
Get your clothes: Escape the building, go to pick up your outfit from laundry.
Find Christmas tree: Go to the forest, walk around till you find THE ONE AND ONLY tree, fight rednecks.

Get Crotchy's doll: Go to mall, walk to the marked spot, get inside, enter the door at the end, walk like a boss killing everyone on sight, pick up the doll at the end, fend off policemen. Hint: helps to have a police uniform. After you get back to the shopping area you will have to fight the giant Crotchy doll. It's bulletproof, so prepare grenades and molotovs, or do the next mission first.
Get Napalm: A little bit like the library mission. Enter the factory, pay 300 bucks and peacefully walk OR kill everyone in sight and get to the napalm launcher, then get out of the burning building.
Pay your ticket: Doing this mission first allows you to get uniform for the Crotchy mission. Get into the building, pay your ticket, walk through the door on your left and kill everyone, around 2nd floor you should be able to find a changing room with lockers, one of them contains the suit.
Get Steaks: Enter the building, walk through the door, start killing, get ready for police after finding the steak.

Piss: Yeah, just go anywhere and start pissing, Dude will whine like a baby signalizing there's something wrong. Go to clinic, show your (his) dick to the nurse, walk upstairs, piss into the machine, get the drug and take it. Yes... Take it... You know you want to...
Get alternator: Go to junkyard, pay Chico and follow him to the alternator or kill him and find it yourself. After you pick it up you will get attacked by dogs. Fight your way out.
Pick up the parcel: Go to the parcel center, pick up your parcel, escape. You will have to fight angry postalmen and SWAT.
Dave's birthday: I usually do this mission at the end. Go to Dave's party, give him the present and fight ATF.

After the last mission you will have to go home. This will be very difficult because everyone in town will be armed, dangerous and hating you, also it will rain cats.

BONUS MISSION: There are 3 entrances to Tora-Bora, it's an underground Taliban complex where you will get to fight LOTS of Muslims and by the end you will find a WMD launcher. One of the entrances is behind Dude's house. Enjoy.
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