Eternal Damnation - Review
Mr Minio day Dec 17 2011 16:07:40
We had to wait a long time for Eternal Damnation. At the beggining, authors had been giving us a movies so we could see a progress. It had become more and more interesting. The premiere has been scheduled for 31 October 2006. However, for unknown reason, it was shifted for December. Players were mad but it was worth waiting...

Eternal Damnation is a modification for Postal 2 STP(Yup! You don't need AW!) that changes nearly everything so you can call it a total conversion. The protagonist(John) wakes up in the asylum. Then we can see a short cut-scene and a shocker(massacred face). Are you scared? You should be... After few cut-scenes we're ready to play! We don't have any weapon as for now but we can use our fists. We approach to the door where an asylum employee tells us that there's a psycho who's killing everyone he sees. Surprisingly, the emplyee dies and the door opens. We have to get our clothes. We're walking down the corridor while the music builds a great filthy atmosphere. Furthermore, we have finally a possibility to try out our fists. We're killing an enemies and going forward. We're entering the darkened room, where the light flashes. Then in front of us there leans a hand from the wall what makes us terrified. Our heartbeat rises and it seems that it won't decrease. It is a truth.

The authors deserve a great apprecation for the work they've done. We will often see images that can make one sick, the gallons of blood will shed, the guts will cover our screen(ED is way more gore than P2). The soundtrack has been chosen very well and it often makes the atmosphere more terrifying. A lot of new textures and models were added. Characters have got new possibilities(for example: a guy that commits a suicide). What's most important - the weapons. During a 70% of a game time we will be killing zombies so we need a great armory. We've got: fists, knuckles, hammers, choppers, drills, glocks, berettas, ingrams, crossbows, dynamites, grenade launchers, shotguns and a plenty of other weapons. Some of them have an alternative attack(such as automatic glock fire or automatic MP5 fire). There's no doubt that armory is one of the biggest advantages of ED. It is not a sandbox game but it is hard to tell if it's an advantage or disadvantage because linearity builds a dark atmosphere. What's more, in ED we can reload some weapons, push the levers to access the levels that were locked before, and so on.

Summing up, it is possible to say that Eternal Damnation is better than Postal 2. However, if we put these games together, we can see that they're completely different. ED is recommended for everyone! If you like Postal 2 - you have to play ED. If you aren't fond of P2 - try this mod out and maybe you'll like it. It's really worth spending some time downloading this 1Gb file. You shouldn't be disappointed.

Eternal Damnation Trailer
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