Postal 2 Weapons
MastaDJMax day Jan 29 2011 12:48:38
Weapons: Piss:

That is a great example of the RWS's sense of humor: you can piss on people. BUT! It does have a practical use: when you're on fire, cover yourself in piss (in game, not in real). That's a tricky one, because entering water does not set the fire off. Only pissing. On yourself. There is also another use, after you passed the game first time you get access to enhanced mode, which allows you to piss napalm.


You can kick people and items. You'll probably spend most of your time kicking corpses around, at least that's what normal people do when they play that game. Yeah... normal. Everyone is normal here.


You find it just after you leave your home on the first day. It will become your friend, so treat it with respect. Left click to swing, right click to strike. Fun as hell.


This is a fairly annoying weapon. Every policeman drops it after death, so places like Police Building are filled up with piles of it. It has two different attacks.


Don't taze me, bro! This toy has 30 charges that can be send onto your opponent at any time. Although you can't kill with this weapon, it allows you to knock an enemy (or bystander - it's Postal) down, make him piss his pants and reduce his health to 1, which means he'll die if you kick him. Or even look at him really scary.


Theoretically (basing on model) it's a Desert Eagle, but sadly it's very weak gun. You need few shots to kill a person, much more to kill a police guy.


Standard pump action shotgun, nothing too fancy. You can add a silencer, which is a cat. Yes, you shove it up cat's ass and use him as a fucking silencer.

Machine gun:

Standard M16, quite big bullets spread, can be silenced with a cat.

Gas can:

This is a fun toy. You spill (left mouse click) it in one place and create a puddle of gas. You walk with it and create a strem. You drop a match (right mouse click) and set it on fire. You can also place grenades (right mouse click when selected grenades) in the puddle to make it explode after droping the match.


Standard grenade. Left click throw (longer hold, further flies), right click drops a grenade on the floor. The grenade will explode when shot at, stepped by a bystender or set on fire.

Molotov Coctail:

You set it on fire and throw to make it explode and set stuff on fire. If you place it with a right-click, it will axplode after few seconds. Combined with a pile of grenades will work like a time bomb.


Yes, you can run with scissors. Aside from that, which is undeniable fun, you can throw them. Left click throws a pair that will get stuck on the wall it hits, right click throws bouncing pair.

Diseased Cow Head:

Hey, remember the Mad Cow Disease panic that spread out a couple of years ago? Guys from RWS remembered that too and decided it is absolutely necessary to include a reference to it in their game. After throwing the head it will start spreading disease, everyone who walks into the yellowish mist will throw out his blood and die.

Sniper rifle:

Pretty much self explainatory - zoom in, fire, reload, rinse, repeat. Fires explosives in Enhanced mode, but doesn't allow you to see the blood squirting from the wound.

Rocket Launcher:

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you Postal Rocket Launcher, the "Shitties rocket launcher in history of gaming" award winner. When you press the button, rocket fills with rocket petrol. The more petrol, the longer it flies. If you hold long enough after pressing LMB, you will activate auto targetting. Right mouse button sends a simple rocket to infinity and... well, till it runs out of fuel.

Napalm Launcher:
Left click fires a bottle of leaking napalm that sets itself on fire creating nice streams of flames. Right click throws a bottle that starts leaking after hitting the ground. Bottle explodes after a while or after hitting a bystander.

WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction):

A kind of a secret weapon, available after finishing a non-existent quest where you kill muslims and stuff. It fires poisonous gass that works similarly to the Cow's Head (although differently).
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