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MastaDJMax day Jan 29 2011 12:46:38
Postal 2 is one of those games you don't forget. It's controversy and brutality is a good way to keep it in mind, also for many journalists to remind you about how dangerous brutality in computer games is. Of course, we all know that games like Postal make us heartless, senseless monsters who would go on a rampage killing every person in sight. Let's get right into it, gentleman, as I'm honoured to present you The Postal 2 game!

First, a bit about history. First Postal was a 2D shooting game with third person isometric view perspective. The game seemed very dark, not only from slaughtering hundrets of people but also because of the dark selection of colors. Players had a small variety of weapons, but they were just about enough to provide hours of sick fun. It is also worth to note that the title of the game refers to a series of incidents occuring in 1983-1997, where United States Postal Service workers went mad and shot 40 people. Thank you very much, auntie Wikipedia. Anyway, since then phrase "go postal" means going on a rampage killing anyone. Fun.
The first Postal was released in 1997 and, apart from exagerated violence, didn't really have much to offer. Six years later Postal Dude came back... and boy, did he have something to offer back then...

Anyway, let's get to basics. The new Postal features a very nice, 3D First Person Perspective (that was too big of a change for me to use a simple FPP acronym). Thanks to that you could enjoy the bloodbath as if you were the Dude himself. The choice of weapons weren't too impressive, to be honest: pistol, shotgun, machine gun as for the ordinary weaponry, few different melee weapons and some throwable toys plus napalm launcher, gasoline and rocket launcher. And don't forget the sniper rifle. You just can't be a homicidal murderer without one. Sadly, voices in your head are not implemented. But I'm sure RWS are working on that too.
We have our tools, now let's have a look at the area we'll be enjoying it at. The town of Paradise is a perfect place for it. The city is quite small, doesn't have too many citizens and the strange climate in the town makes the corpses and blood stains disappear very quickly... The city exercises a nice, desert theme, which means we can get hurt by cactuses. Ouch. Aside from cactuses and ground color however, the town looks fairly normal. We have (ENTERABLE!) houses (with their meaty owners inside), shops (even a mall!), library (not for a long tho), Police, church, bank and many, many more (including RWS headquaters - nothing really special about that building). The town does seem a little small, especially after playing it for - in my case - 7 years, but it's satisfying.

Weapons? Check. Location? Check. Enemies?
Yeah, there will be people. Lots of people, with different shapes and tastes (the variety is not too impressive tho). We can fight regular people, police officers, SWAT, ATF and regular army. The difference is mostly down to health points, kevlar and weapons, since graphic designers didn't really spend too much time on creating different characters. But they did give us talibans to make it more fun I believe.
Although the game is indeed amazing, game creators ran out of creativity when it came to missions. So. The game is split into 5 days of the week. Each day you are given 3-4 tasks to do. Monday's missions are to pick up milk from shop, cheque from RWS hq (That's where Dude works. Kind of) cash from bank and head home. While the picking up milk is a fairly simple and safe task, the other two may become a little... difficult. Well, more difficult than picking up milk, at least. Bank gets robbed by M16 welding guys in masks and RWS gets attacked by protesters. Nothing too difficult to fight, it just acts as a challenge. RWS claims you can pass both missions without killing anyone - the rest of the game too. It's an obvious bullshit, but difficulity level is still fairly low.

So now a question emerges, is Postal2 worth playing? There is no simple answer to that. Although the games scores terribly low in reviews, it has a fairly large fanbase and there are many mods. Therefore you probably need to see for yourself if the game appeals to you. Who knows... maybe you will find a murderer in your own self?
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